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About avantika Meattle Photography

About avantika Meattle Photography

About avantika Meattle Photography

Bridal and pre bridal

The day of your life – Everything just has to be perfect! This is your day and you want the world to see the best of you; even years after the day….

That wedding photo shoot is exhausting – somehow not the setting to get your best pictures… Just seems draining and forced; with thousand people staring at you.

So lets do a 30 min session before you step out of your hotel room. Feel, look and be beautiful. 

Also capture those chaotic moments of make up being done and the process of getting ready for the big day – that really is the time when you are at your nervous excited best!!


Those candid pictures that stay with you, in every photoframe in your house, the pictures you mail to dear ones who could not attend, or the pictures that make it to your facebook!

Every wedding has a regular photographer - who clicks your pics with all your relatives and friends. Its great to have those pictures. In addition, we click those pictures that should be special. We will find you in that sweetest smile, that special glance - leave it to us to find the moments that captures the essence of the day 
- Special couple pics
- Different moods and activities
- Post session editing

Pregnant Moms, Babies, Children
These moments do not come again – and they are worth a lifetime!! Every day is a story, and every little move is a valuable memory

You want to capture that happy smile, that sudden giggle, that faraway stare, and even the frowns - all expressions that define you and your baby!
I know how to treat the little ones with delicate, playful hands - with different props and backgrounds to create a concept; get them excited and capture that joy!

Love Birds – The Couple
It’s all about love! 

That touch, those playful glances - that look of two people in love…Let pictures tell the story of your romance – a keepsake for life! 

You will keep looking at it even 30 years down – your kids would love to see that glorious love in pictures!!!

From the place you first met, to the restaurant where you had that most incredible dinner, to that regular hangout where you were every other day or any monument - even the Taj Mahal.

These are personal memories that can be created only when you both are together – I just click the moment when I see that look! 



Matrimonial – The Search
Natural pics – its you in your house or in a garden

For people do not want a typical studio picture, and just feel the idea of posing for a picture is so fake and awkward.

A casual picture conveys it best - I click you in different styles that bring out the best in you, with your most relaxed expression
- Smart,casual pics
- Look your best
- Upto 4 different looks
- Interactive pre shoot (styling, clothes, make up etc) 
- Post session editing

A beautiful potrait is an investment - a gift to your future. 

The family is most important and we need to cherish the moments and memories of the world that is really our own.
From casual, happy celebrations to formal family portraits framed in different ways - like photography archival papers or canvas. 


Girlfriends come together and create crazy memories. 

Use diff props, do crazy antics, get into a pillow fight! Feel free and go wild in my studio. Gift these memories to yourself and all your friends - this time will never come back!


Do a series of photo shoot at monuments, restaurants, studio, your house and all those places with which you associate priceless memories
We will click new pics, sort and add some old pics and create a website dedicated to you. 

Be it your birthday, anniversary, marriage. Or maybe you just want to express your love with a surprise gift of pictures and poems!!